Posted: October 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I need to get this blog up and running. Maybe if I set a goal for posting just once a week… I can do that, right? Right.

Real quick…

I was preparing a lesson on Leadership a few weeks ago, and while I was developing the message I realized once again… I really do the most. Not like with the lesson, but with my life. A sponsor here, a donor there, a leader here, a supervisor there, a contributor here, a subject matter expert there, a board member here, a big brother there, a mentee here, a team leader there…

…THEE most.

How am I? Busy as hell. But I feel like I have just enough grace to do everything.

Can’t front though, some days I do have to stop and ask myself why I’m doing it all. What’s the motivation? A while back, I had this phrase that I kept hearing/saying… CLING TO THE WHY. Some days are the utmost of the worst – super long and super tiring. And if I couldn’t “cling to the why,” I would definitely give up.

So what’s my WHY…

  1. For somebody, my being successful makes something impossible seem within reach. This was difficult to write about because it feels cocky or self-indulgent a little bit. And I’m really not about that life. But real talk, MOST of my friends are proving “impossible” wrong. We’re young…but we’re professionals, we’re volunteers, we’re directors, we’re GIVERS, we’re somebody’s boss.
  2. THROUGH everything, I’m becoming exactly what I need to be. Every one of the challenges that I get to walk through on a daily basis pushes me well outside of my comfort zone. And that’s where I develop skills… that’s where I learn to think bigger… that’s where I learn to say “eff it” and do it even though I’m uncomfortable to the max, because it needs to be done. Usually I don’t like it…but I boss up and do it. That’s that heat where God molds.
  3. I work on some GREAT teams…and we are GOING somewhere. I guarantee you that I would have stopped several things without the folks running these races with me.  Like… official teams and the teams that aren’t really teams… but I know we all in this same fight… those too.

I’m interested tho…

if you’re reading this…

What’s YOUR why?

  1. iWrite says:

    I still don’t know… :-/ #toughquestions

  2. Jam says:

    yeah I don’t know either 😐 lol. i know God is good though, that’s what I’m clinging to while the why gets sorted out.

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