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Exactly one year ago, I got a promotion at work… 8/24/11 I became a Sr. Supervising Engineer. It’s my ann-ah-ver-sa-reeee **Cue Tony, Toni, Tone** I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days, so I figured today would be a good day to blow the e-dust off of this blog again.

This year has been full of experiences – some great, some really terrible. Full of situations that have developed some major character in me, forced me to shift my perspective, and identified some new strengths and weaknesses. Full of situations that have challenged the hell out of me.

Anybody that has had an unfiltered work-related conversation with me has heard about the stress and probably some expletives that I won’t spell out here… but looking back, I wouldn’t trade any of it in for an easier path. I’ve learned so much in the last year on leadership, on management, on me (myself, personally)…really priceless stuff.  Stuff like…

 what it’s like to lead a team when I’m not the most experienced member.

how to give harsh criticism without being harsh.

margin is a foreign concept to much of corporate leadership.

margin is CRUCIAL to leading effectively.

being a likeable person is underrated.

I have to make decisions according to my value system.
(I never regret those decisions later on, even when they lead to less favorable outcomes.)

what it’s like to be the youngest and only Black man at the table.

feeling awkward and being fearful are legitimate…but they’re both surmountable.

it’s stupid to not have mentors.

That’s just a short list of what I can think of this morning.  I want to say that I was superbly trained on all of these learned things…but most of them came as the result of being in middle of uncomfortable… as the outcome of being in the fire.  And I’m ok with that. The fire sucks BUT I’m grateful for what it does.

  1. Knia says:

    E!!! That was deep man…real deep. I wouldn’t trade a bit of the agony for the amount of life long lessons you gain! You’re gaining wisdom. Thanks for sharing E.

  2. De says:

    Was a pleasure reading, as always. I swear, my respect for you grows by the minute. I do have a question, though, how does one go about finding a mentor?

  3. Forgive me for this mad late reply…I really appreciate you Ade! Ok so when I knew I needed an official mentor, I did two things – 1) Identified the person that had already achieved what I want (character, professionally, etc.) and 2) Flat out asked him to be a mentor for me. I remember it being reaaalllly awkward at first lol…but I’m super glad I did it.

    One of the leaders I follow wrote a really good blog on this. Check it out —

  4. iWrite says:

    So I didn’t know how to say it but Ade took the words out of my mouth. Everytime I read a blog from you I’m so inspired to be better. Thanks for that. I’m excited about your growth and I can just imagine how much better you’ll be this time next year 😉 *walks away singing Tony Toni Tone*

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