Losing… #stillwinning

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In my last post, I said that I had some blogs stuck in my head from a while back. Just to prove it, this post is based off of something I realized during the NCAA basketball tournament…that ended in March. #dontjudgeme

Obama's Bracket

For folks that don’t know, here’s the NCAA tourney in a nutshell. It starts with 64 tea err…68 college basketball teams. Through single-elimination match-ups, it goes down to the Sweet 16, the Elite 8, the Final Four, and all the way down to the last-squad standing…the Division 1 National Champion. Three of thee most unpredictable weeks of the year…this is March Madness.

Everybody in America creates a bracket for the tournament…from the die hard fan to the person that chooses based on uniform color. Sometimes the bracketology is right on…and sometimes the underdogs make the upsets the norm. So when the Sweet 16 rolled around, I started noticing the season records of the teams. Then when the Final Four got here, it really hit home…

You can have plenty of losses on your record, and still not be losing.

Florida State and VCU. Both teams had double-digit losses in the regular season. Both teams made it in the list of the 16 best teams of 2011. VCU lost 11 of 34 regular season games. With losing 1/3 of the season, VCU made it in the list of the top 4 2011 NCAA teams. When it came down to it, I’m sure both teams lost more games than they wanted…but I guarantee they aren’t talking about a losing season!

Losses aren’t a death sentence. They suck and they’re a pain to deal with and even recover from…but they’re really a part of the process to becoming better. I’m learning that I can’t really win unless I put myself in a position where losing is a possibility. Something crucial I learned from a Leadership Retreat with my youth ministry –  Failing is OK, if it’s a part of the forward progression.

“Your failures don’t always DOOM you.” – Cherece Lindsay.

  1. Spitfire says:

    WOW! I remember this conversation! and WOW! I got quoted! I feel all special!!!!

    And WOOOOOOW! This post took HELLA long to come! I DELETED you from my google reader! LOL
    But yes! You can Fail your way to the top! honestly it’s a proven system! lol Try, fail, try again. the only way to actually lose is to STOP trying.

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