Day 12…being wrong and imperfect

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I really don’t like being wrong. I don’t like being called on my potential wrongness, and I definitely don’t like being proven wrong. As an introverted-extrovert (I believe), I think a whole lot more than I speak. By the time I share an idea or suggestion, I’ve already thought about it for a long time…hours, days, even weeks. I don’t jump out all willy nilly, so I’m fully convinced that my way of thinking is thee correct way of thinking.

Just typing that sounded ridiculous……but unconsciously, it’s the way that I think.

I figure that I’ve put in the most thought so I have to be right. Yea…no. The fact that I thought about it a long time doesn’t mean that I’ve seen any situation from all possible angles. Actually, my thinking so long may have taken me right out of the right view for a solution.

Working overtime doesn’t always mean more work is getting done; it just might mean that I’m ineffective during normal hours.

This goes back to my defensiveness, which I had never linked it with my introverted nature until now. Being honest might mean my ideas get shot down. I get on the defense because I know how I’ve labored with/over those ideas. But if I’m not honest, I lose out on the chance to make ideas even better…dare I say the best they could be.

  1. Spitfire says:

    Booyah! Great insight! The cut diamond is useless until it is polished! and polishing is a grating, grinding process!

    We have to be willing to subject our thoughts and ideas to the grinding. It’s the only way they’ll shine!

  2. V. Anthony says:

    “Working overtime doesn’t always mean more work is getting done; it just might mean that I’m ineffective during normal hours.”


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