Day 3…passive lying 101

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I should probably explain what passive lying is. When I told my mom that it was on my Lent list, she said that she had no idea that I was a liar. I mean…I’m really not. In my mind, lying and passive lying are two different things.

Lying is blatantly saying something that is opposite to the truth. Passive lying is choosing to omit something that would contribute to the full truth. Some might say those are the same thing, but I wouldn’t.

Here’s an example… I’ve had some random foot, back, neck, and shoulder ailments in the past 9 months or so (i’ll save the details for another day). My mom asked me how my foot was feeling, and I told her it was fine. I didn’t tell her that the pain had moved to the OTHER foot, because I didn’t want to worry her AND because I didn’t feel like going there with her.

That’s what I call a passive lie. The core of her question was to find out if I was still hurting, not necessarily the foot. But because I didn’t feel like having that conversation, I left out the full truth.

The problem with passive lying, is that it allows me to not be fully open with people. It gets in the way of receiving help and accountability, altogether.

Allowable? Sure. Expedient? Not at all.


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