Day 2…why passive lying and defensiveness?

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Usually you hear people say that they’re giving up sweets, meat, or even sex (yea…) but I decided to do something different. I’ve sacrificed things for Lent since I was a kid. Baptist church AND Lutheran school meant that I had regular reminders to do something…but I thought it about it much differently this year. The thing that now sticks out to me about Lent, is Jesus’ 40 days of self-denial, with the underlying purpose of preparing Him for His public ministry. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Jesus had no food or drink for 40 days…and there’s nothing wrong with eating and drinking, but at THAT time, they were in the way of Him meeting the mark.

He gave up things that were not just challenging for Him, but things that were also hindrances to growth and maturity required to fulfill His God-given purpose.

So, passive lying and defensiveness. They can be beneficial to protecting myself, but they are hindrances to being better.

Last night, I had to really decide if I was going to stick with those two things for the next 38 days. My mom asked me was I giving anything up, and my and my mouth was pre-fixed to tell her “no, not really anything major.” And THAT would’ve been the first passive lie of this Lent challenge.

But I told her exactly what I was doing, (ir)regardless of how crazy it sounds. Now she’s gonna ask me daily if I been lying…I can feel it coming. Ah well.


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