Day 1…better late than never

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lent started yesterday.  I wasn’t planning to participate this year because…well…I just didn’t feel compelled to. We used to give something up every year, but I can’t look back on anything and point to how it mattered.

This year, I’m giving up two things…and it might sound weird. The two things I’m going keep out of my system are passive lying and defensiveness. Yes, weird.

Because this is such a unique set of focal points for a lent fast, I’ll give more depth and reasoning behind it all…tomorrow and over the next 38 days. This will serve as an outlet to track how well I’m handling the temptation.

And on that note, good night.


  1. […] When I restarted this blog, I said it would heavily chronicle my atypical Lent sacrifices of passive lying and defensiveness. Today I got a little more understanding of why passive lying is an issue for me. I realized that some of it honestly comes from a good place of not wanting to hurt people’s feelings. […]

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